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Clinical Strength and Conditioning

Whether you are new to exercise, rehabbing an injury, have a chronic disease or just want to train 1 on 1 with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, The MVMNT Clinic is the right place for you.

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The MVMNT Clinic is Port Melbourne's first Exercise Physiology only Clinic. At The MVMNT Clinic you will be coached by Nick Lees an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Nick has a masters degree in clinical exercise rehabilitation and has been working in the health industry since 2010.

All sessions are 100% private, by appointment only and are 1 on 1 in a boutique gym environment.

After an initial consultation and movement screen, The MVMNT Clinic focuses on using Clinical Strength and Conditioning principals to coach clients how to lift weights, increase pain free movements, prevent or decrease chronic diseases and rehab injuries. 

MVMNT treats TAC, Work Cover, NDIS, Medicare and Private Health Insurances clients. 

For more information on what an Exercise Physiologist can do for you please click here

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The MVMNT Principles

After years of study and experience The MVMNT Clinic has developed its own 6 Principles of MVMNT.

These are based upon functional movements that everyone performs in everyday life.

All sessions are based around these principles.

The goal of treatment is being able to perform the 6 principles pain free and progressively loading them as soon as possible.

These Principles are:

HINGE - Tipping/Bending from the hips.

SQUAT - Bending from the knees

LUNGE - Single leg movments

PUSH - Pushing something away from the body

PULL - Pulling something towards to body

TWIST - Rotating from the spine

Please note there are many different types and variations to these principles. The movements go right through from basic to advanced and some exercises are a combination of many principles.

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MVMNT Services

Clinical Strength & Conditioning

Your body loves to adapt. Once you've learnt the lifting techniques and feel comfortable, the next progression is to start lifting some weight.

Breaking down barriers is common at the stage in training. Lifting weights is a positive stress on the body.

Weight training has great physiological benefits for all types of people, regardless of disease, function, pain or age. Sessions will slowly increase in intensity. 

Injury and Disease Prevention

Training to prevent injuries, falls, diseases and muscle wastage is the best investment you can make in your life.

Maintaining and Improving function, balance and strength are key focuses in MVMNT sessions.

MVMNT clients range from all ages and conditions. No one person is the same 

1 on 1 Coaching

Besides the physical aspect of training, the mental benefits are just as important. Things like stress relief, mental health and just being able to have a 1 on 1 chat are valued in The MVMNT Clinic.

This is why building rapport and trust with clients is crucial to achieving goals and enjoying the journey ahead.

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MVMNT Testimonals

Dean, 30, Lower Back Pain

Nick’s approach to training each individual is something rarely seen in his field of work. He takes the time to properly assess and find out what the issues are and developing highly specific and tailored programs to get you moving again pain free. I went from barely being able to bend or sit due to a bulging disc and now I’m running, squatting and most of all, deadlifting!

Jen, 24, Anxiety Control and Conditioning

Once you train with Nick you won't want to train with anyone else. 

Put simply, Nick gets it - he understands how the body works and how to get the results you want. He's also a total joy to be around so you will still be laughing at the end of a tough session

Michael, 34, Cerebral Palsy

I’ve been working with Nick at The MVMNT Clinic for about 6 months. When I first came to see Nick, I was generally stiff and sore. I have cerebral palsy so it’s especially important for me to stretch and build strength to assist with my balance, mobility & stamina. 
Nick has taken great care to tailor a program that work best for me. He has taught me how to move properly and to exercise safely and effectively. He has created a warm and inviting space at his Port Melbourne gym, where we openly talk through what I need to do to keep myself in good shape.
I am finding that the everyday is a little easier thanks to Nick. My balance has improved dramatically and getting up and down stairs, from a seated position or from the floor is not as challenging as it once was. I also feel very physically strong and a lot more confident in my mind and my body.

Marie, 23, Multiple Surgeries

Nick has helped me change my life. When I first saw nick I was struggling with chronic pain issues, actively seeking a solution to help. Nick was able to support me mentally and physically while making the decision to have surgery to correct my leg length discrepancy. He was proactive in prepping me for surgery, making sure my body would be strong enough to support myself on crutches for 4 months. Nick was able to find ways to do this around the pain and restrictions I would experience from every day life. 

Post surgery Nick managed to find multiplied ways for me to exercise and start the re-strengthening process while I was still on crutches, helping me heal much quicker than expected from the doctors. Prior to seeing Nick there were many days I struggled with pain and physical restrictions. Nick has been a huge part of me changing my life to become a happy and active person who is able to complete day to day activities with minimal pain or no pain. 

Geoffrey, 51, Car Accident

Nick has been treating me regularly for the past 6 months since I was in a bad car accident where I was T-boned by two semi-trailers on the Monash Freeway. I was extremely lucky to walk away, but I have had neck and back pain and discomfort ever since due to experiencing severe whiplash and mild concussion. 

The experience of being treated by Nick, in my opinion an expert exercise physiologist, has significantly helped with my recovery. Nick's sessions are bespoke and meet my specific physical needs, and no two are the same. Over time, Nick has helped me to regain strength and flexibility, and more importantly, to regain confidence in my physical abilities.

The sessions are invigorating, fun, challenging and supportive, and you are in the hands of a true professional who takes the time to assess and understand your needs and your body.

Hen, 31, ACL Rehab

When I started with Nick, it had been 3 months since I had an ACL hamstring reconstruction on my right knee. My strength and functional ability was poor, and my confidence was even worse. 

Training with Nick has given me the motivation and skills to get my leg back to its full strength, without risking further injury. He is extremely knowledgeable, and always finds creative ways to get around any issues, or movements that I cannot manage, in a safe way. 

My leg is now completely back to normal, which I credit to Nick and his combined EP and physiotherapist style approach. I cannot see how I would have managed this alone.

Thanks Nick

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